21 hours ago

Finding the Perfect Mate

Are you on a quest for the perfect mate and just haven’t found him/her yet? The dating world is tricky and there are many dynamics that go into a new relationship.

Why Didn’t He Call gives us an inside look into the do&r read more...

3 weeks ago

Truth and Honesty in Our Relationships

“We had no secrets; We’d tell each other everything…”-Carly Simon

When we commit ourselves to a relationship with another person, we rightly expect to experience a sense of fulfillment that we didn’t h read more...

4 weeks ago

Create the Marriage You Desire or Life Will Do It for You

“We are most alive when we’re in love”

-John Updike

Dr. Laura Bokar, LMFT, LCPC, http://fv

1 month ago

The Intimate Relationship: Intimacy In Relationships Is One Key To Emotional Health

Some of us search our entire lives for a feeling of oneness with another person. It’s hard to describe, really, what we search for, but we know it when we finally achieve it. Maybe we tire of that dark feeling of being ultimately alone as we read more...

2 months ago

Marriage and Couples Counseling

”Good relationships just don’t happen. They take time, patience and two people

who want to be together”

Couples and Marital Counseling

Keeping a relationship healthy and happy over tim